Sunday, May 29, 2005


ajoba(grandfather) always appeared to me as a very strong man,through my visits during school vacations,and lately through brief visits while i was working.yesterday,i was at his place,after 13 days,since my aaji(gandmother) passed away.but,around this time,the scene was apalling.he appeared very vulnerable and weak.and i realised of the negligencies,i had,performed.i seldom called up them,when aaji was suffering and ajoba was getting overworked.when i left nasik,early this morning,i could not hold up my tears,when i saw,the man himself,sobbing like a child

all this seems so,so,.....strange,in a way,the strange questions,life throws up,have answers,so blatant,so acceptable,yet so painful.imagine,losing your soulmate,when you need,him or her the most.suddenly their new appartment appeared just a residential compartment for him, and not the power centre he used to rule.

i fear such separations now,i confess,i never paid any importance ,to these relations,of mine,but now when,i have witnessed these changes,i make vow that i will be in touch with my grandpa whom i have always adored for his sense of humour,his unending energy levels,and his precision in handling events.

may aaji's soul rest in peace and salute to this man of a very special"ordinary" grit.


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