Sunday, April 17, 2005

the heat is on

challenges thrown by life can get too much,sometimes.isn't it?india so frequently losing matches,buddies playing mindgames with you,parents faraway in baroda and to top it all,mumbai heat.habit of writing and reading has seen me logging in on this blog site.mars is finally in mumbai,but its not good,for whatever mars and me had planned is not happening.movies,trips and going to swanky eateries, is now not in my reach. a long sabbatical later i have decided to live a life that is not too adventurous,not to look at a career in theatre,sociology exam took a backseat,but, still i am happy,i am writing and above all,my imagination has not least,i came to know how people for whom, i did whatever they asked and said,cheated me.nevertheless, i have found a new friend who is not too demanding,in this blog.thank god,as of now.chao