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Protest seems to be the buzzword this year. First the Jessica Lall murder case, Priyadarshini case, then the Narmada Bachao protests, the protests over a demolition of a dargah leading to riots in Baroda, and now, protests of over Quota reservations. Just tonight, I saw a discussion on CNN-IBN on whether the protests in Modern-day India have come of age? It involved some student group representatives, Rony Screwwala and such participants. They discussed several things like The “RDB” effect, middle class angst etc. But after the show ended I felt that half an hour time was not enough, and somehow I was not contended.
For last couple of days the visual media had been agog with the news and visuals of the Mumbai lathi charge on the agitating doctors. I was concerned for the young men and women in whites because they were having a peaceful protest and the way they were beaten up was simply brutal. I mean, is this the way democracy functions, and do we, quintessential modern and educated people do really have a right to have our say. It does not appear so rather. I personally have got serious reservations against this reservation system. We are well into the 21st century and still the government wants the whole nation to adhere to a crappy system of the past that is the caste system. I would not record my personal losses due to this system, but rather would like to think about the deserving students who miss the seats because of this outdated system. Through this entire episode I felt that there should be a system in place where such so-called underprivileged castes, the SC/STs should be brought on par with other castes, and classes by giving them proper training, employment and education so that they can upgrade themselves to a level where the competition is equal. It’s high time that the judiciary curbs the flourishing business of making fake caste certificates. After all, we keep on saying that ours is a booming economy and we are the second largest growing economy in this world, that’s just what we keep on saying. If we really want to become one, we need to throw such issues and controversies to dogs.
I remember one such story from one of Shashi Tharoor’s book, “India-midnight to millennium”. When the author was a child he would often visit his village during the vacations. Being from a big city and from a convent school, he was not aware of the stigma that the caste system was. His relatives would conspicuously avoid a diminutive, dark, lean boy called Charlis. The author was scolded many a times for playing with that boy, but somehow author had developed a liking for this boy. Then years passed, the author grew into a very knowledgeable young man, and around the same time his relatives were in a desperate situation due to some governmental policy. That’s when they go to take the help of their district collector, and this turns out to be that diminutive boy “ Charlis”, and he as expected helps them out. I am sure in this case, this backward caste boy, reached to those heights solely on his merits. But these days, such people get into these positions just to mint money, or rather plunder a nation!


Blogger United Students said...

Let's walk the talk.

If your support the students movement

against caste based reservations,

please show it.

Join Delhi RWAs, Trade bodies, civil society groups and various student groups at a Solidarity gathering

at Jantar Mantar

on Saturday 20th May, 2006 at 10 a.m.

The gathering will be peaceful : a silent march by the silent majority

[Let’s step up the pressure]

United Students

Campaign Office: F-4, 2nd Floor, South Extension-I, New Delhi-49

Contact: 9810017868

You can reach US at or call :

Aditya Raj 9873297834; Dhruv 9818291909; Anchal 9899942321; Ambuj 9313117010; Devika Malik 9891222630; Honey Arun 9818562417; Karan 9871807378; Shikha 9891333730; Aaditya 9810215675

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Blogger blah_blah_blogger said...

Lo...United Students yahan bhi aa gaye...great work guys...I didn't know you'd blogged about this. I just wrote a post on it. yeah, peaceful protestors being lathi charged is not cool. The government is bullying people. This government's tenure has shaken people out of the notion that having a highly educated PM and President will work wonders for the country. No it won't. I am desperately hoping for at least one protestor to turn violent and shoot Arjun Singh...I know it's a very off hand comment, but it's deplorable the way the government is dealing with the situation.

Meanwhile, it's heartening to see students pouring out and making their presence felt.

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Blogger mandar said...

i think about reservations r a must.we r only thinking of the meritorius student getting a fair deal.but what is the defination of merit.only getting a good score in exams can not be a criteron,we living in cities under mordern amenities hardly ever face any difficulty in edu.we colleges in every nook n corner,so r the tuitions and guidance available.but these students from far away in interior part of the country where there no proper civic place,who have to travel a distance to complete their edu.along with helping in supporting their families,its difficult to score high in these con.even if u r a bright one.So RESERVATION do help these kids,
Of course this policy is widely misused by the ones who r having all the facilities and yet r not able to score,it is they who have to be barred from using this policy.I personally believe taht if one senior person in a family has got the benefits of the policy then his offsprings and therafter should not be held alligible for the same. As the prime motive of this policy is to bring the underpriviledged caste to the forefront,if they r not able to capitalise on one chance,then they have compete on their own to come up.but these r all policy matters,political parties r always giong to exploit us for thier is we ourselves who have to be responsible and stop using the priviledges ofthe policy even if fall under the bracket.everybody has to take a moral stand that if the constitution provides for the resevrvstion,i will not take the benefit of it because i do not deserve it.let all those sc/st/obc start taking this stand,then automatically the policy will get nullifeid.

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