Monday, March 06, 2006

Breathing in the changing airs.
I have always been fond of noticing the changes in the weather patterns, onset of the new seasons, the temperatures, the air flow etc. No, this is not a periodical report of some Met guy, but an account of just how much I favor changes, positive of course. Like seasons follow a set pattern, sociological changes also do follow a predictable, yet not definite pattern. Not falling into the depths of historical evidences, I would prefer to come immediately to the point.
Being a movie buff, that I am, I tend to think a little seriously about movies! Swades, was a movie that has left an indelible mark on my psyche. It truly was a large hearted effort and possibly Ashutosh Gowariker’s aim was to reignite that quite fire within all of us, Indians. As the movie is a history, and most of us, thinking individuals would have seen it, at least once, there’s no point peeping into its storyline, cast and credits and all that stuff. The main agenda here is to reconsider the subtle references in the magnificent oeuvre. Swades, took most of us, on a journey within ourselves, as it was what the director actually wanted. It gave us a sight of ourselves, and thus the journey towards our better selves began. Within a year of its release this journey has transformed into a very simple, practical and realistic effort called, “”, an interactive forum, where young individuals have come together to make a change for the coming generations. It’s a forum wherein such issues will be handled, which have till date undermined the growth of our vast nation, in terms of population, land mass as well as natural resources. Swades, gave us a glimpse into the practical approach of “participatory development” in the sequence where a small tank is built in order to operate a power generator. Similarly, if we educated people, get along, think over the shortcomings which we don’t want our kids to face, that in itself will usher a change. Teamswades is just a year old forum, and it is still taking its baby steps into this world of extravagant wastages. Their first effort is known as “Project Grassroots”. The core of this project lies in the dismal educational scenario in our country.
Rang De Basanti released some 6 weeks back, and given that it has been so popular with the audiences, I hope the message has gone down well. It’s truly a depiction of how effective this youth power of our country could be. Basanti, is an entertainer, and there’s no question of setting a wrong precedent, if someone would debate. The step the protagonists in the movie took was a radical one, but not sticking to the violence, we should accept the truthful message gracefully. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, the director of the movie has been living out of his suitcases, ever since the movie released, moving from metros to cities, and then towns, and then smaller areas just to gauge the responses of the audiences. In one of his articles, in Loksatta(Marathi) he said, “though I have been answering to lacs and lacs of people about the concept, nobody has ever mentioned anything about the violence in the movie”. That’s why I said, I hope the message has gone down well, and it was very simple, “Agar Kuch badalna hain, to Khudko Pehle Badlo”. Start participating; speak up for causes, yours or somebody else’s, talk it out with like minded people, get engaged in arts, music, and everything that gives you pleasure and at the same time keep intact the legacy of our culture and traditions. Never underestimate them over even tend to decimate them by sheer indifference. And start hating being a mute spectator.
Mr. M K Gandhi, my idol for a great life, always propagated non-violence but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a radical force. Just watch Richard Attenborough’s “Gandhi”, in that a scene wherein he sets off for Dandi, just count his followers, and also the zeal with which they stride together. The clouds of dust those arose then, themselves seemed to announce the arrival of freedom and an amiable co-existence. I mentioned Attenborough’s movie, because apart from being an extraordinary film maker, he was an outsider to this Indian system, still he got the matter of the fact so well. Every time, I watch or read “Gandhi” I realize I am a changed individual altogether. And see how we curse him, “Us Takle ne to Desh ko barbaad Kar diya”, “uski vajah se aaj itne muslim he desh me” and such crap. I feel ashamed when I hear somebody blurt such malicious utterances for a man, who single handedly shook the tyrannical foundations of an alien empire. He was a true saint, and a knowledgeable diplomat, who knew a lot of other things as well. For his concepts of alternative development and self sustenance, read “ Hind Swaraj” or a very moving book called “Bapu-kuti” written by Rajni Bakshi. This book is the one, where Ashutosh Gowariker took some lessons from while preparing for “Swades”. Let’s get real guys! “ Ek din sabhiko, isi mitti me mil jaana he” let’s not shame this beautiful world, our mother Earth any more by our indifferences.
Another welcome change, I witnessed was subtle movements coming off late. Now it is the widespread unrest over the failed “Jessica Lal’s murder case” where all the convicts were acquitted for lack of evidences, Manjunath Shanmugham’s Murder where youngsters and Bloggers created such an uproar that the Ministry of Petroleum as well as The PM had to take notice and promise real justice. I am happy for at least youngsters have found a voice of themselves, through blogs, over even silent protests, or any other medium. One such instance of a creative effort to bring about a change is “Blank Noise Project”. This project is actually based on a blogathon which will take place on the 7th of this month. As the name suggests, it’s a noise being made but still it is blank. The meaning lies in the issue it grapples with. “Street Harassment” or loosely speaking “eve teasing”! This issue is so widely prevalent, but there’s so much less done about it. There’s no law against habitual eve-teasers, perverts, or for that matter against individuals who don’t allow women, a chance and right of peaceful co-existence. This effort is all about that only. In this blogathon, we can write about any instance, story, or even about what we feel about this project in our blog and try to gather as many like minded individuals, who want to stand up and act against this malice. We as Indians are presumed by the world to be a progressive lot, and if such evils exist in our society that will only affect our status as a nation. When we sit down to talk about “issues of women in India” it is not just about street harassment, eve-teasing, sexual attacks, molestations, rapes and all that alone. It encompasses larger issues like skewed sex ratio in our country, the education among women, their health concerns, deaths during pregnancies, domestic violence, subjugated social status and many such things. Even today I know people who believe, “Aurat ko to mard ke pairon ki Jooti ki tarah hi rakhna chahiye” I work with people who refer to them as “machine”. “ aurat ki laaj aur sundarta, ghoonghat se aur badhti he”. “ aurat ghar ke andar rahe tabhi use gruha laxmi kehte hain” Anyways, I know such people will never have a say in making the new society, of which we all are laying the foundations, and they will eventually end up being losers. For contributing to this project log on to “” I would like to pen off with a very simple but effective Sanskrit verse, I read during my school days….

“ Yatra Naaryastu Poojayante, Ramante tatra Devataaha”
(Where women are prayed and paid respect, Gods do have their abode there, and they remain engrossed there only)

Just a Random thought towards the end, while you return back home from your office or whatever, get fresh, take a wash and then tell your mother to sit down on a chair. Then just rest your head slowly on her lap. You will notice an “Urmi”(a peaceful warmth) enveloping you very soon. That’s what mothers are here in this mean and cruel world, to make it a better “home” with this warmth.


Blogger blah_blah_blogger said...

"Just a Random thought towards the end, while you return back home from your office or whatever, get fresh"

What's with your language? Return back and get sure you were not drunk when you wrote this?

10:47 AM  
Blogger amit said...

i was not drunk, i meant after getting back home we normally do take a wash. nothing else!

8:41 PM  
Blogger blah_blah_blogger said...

Abbey yede...return back is absurd english and so is 'getting fresh'...and now I have yet another example, 'manlihood' - the word u used in your comments on my post...amit, what's wrong?

1:18 PM  
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Take a lookit ‘MySoulAccomplishment’ first. God bless you.

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generators have two main components. A motor that burns fuel to supply power and a generator head that turns power into electricity. Together, the motor and the generator head comprise a standard generator.

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Blogger Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD said...

God bless you. Meet me Upstairs.

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Blogger Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD said...

God bless you. Meet me Upstairs.

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