Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It’s been a long time, since I have blogged!
Hey dear readers,
I know a lot of water has passed from under the bridge since I blogged last, but it was my plain laziness that prevented me from doing any of the needful works. I have not even cleaned my official quarter for quite some time now, and now it resembles a haunted house in the woods along with the buzz of traffic that is always around. This was a strange phase again in my very adventurous life. The release of “Rang De Basanti”, the sudden surge of logical thoughts, followed with action, realization that Baroda is still too far, and the most important of all, a discovery of how “shaking” a ciggy puff could be. Let’s take it one by one.
“Rang De Basanti” released in a very unusual manner on 26th January, a Thursday, and that’s the way it was different. By avoiding any Friday fever the exhibitors decided to release it, one day earlier, and I think this will become a trend now. Just a Question, why do films open on Friday, after all? Saturday night, or Sunday evenings just seem perfect to me. RDB was more than a revelation for me, story wise, it was fantastic, and the cast was very realistic. All of them appeared so real, and believable. Here’s to you, Mr.SRK, go and learn something from youngsters, viz. Siddharth, Kunal et al. I have already seen it for four times, and may be I’ll see it sometimes more. The film is a big hit, and finally, I have started believing, that yes, there’s a force called youth in our country. As it is, my torrid affair with coincidences continues, before this buzz of RDB dies down, I hear of a political party called Paritrana, being launched, by few IITians. That’s what I call a beginning. I have already sent my joining form to them, now let’s see, “yeh raah kitni door le jaati he”.
India won the one day series, and lost the only live test. I had decided to not write anything on cricket, but may be the lost passion inside me refuses to succumb. I lost most of the action live, but anyways, there’s no point now, wasting the whole day analyzing each and every ball. But yes, whatever I saw was pure entertainment. Best of all the ODIs was the third one. The ball was seaming, and swinging, and bothering, and…….but after a long time, Tendlya plays a gem of an inning, for his 95 runs and sees his team at shore, and then MSD unleashes his WMDs, to finish off the ritual. Boy, he averages 50 in his first 30 matches, way to go boy. Mohd. Asif was a pure technician with the ball; I have never seen such good bowling in recent years, after Waz retired. About the debates, Inzy dismissal, Afridi’s antics, Malik’s Football misdemeanors, and lot of other stuff, I don’t want to comment, the bread has gone sour now.
I have decided not to waste my time on unnecessary things. Finally, I bid adieu to the foolish group that I had joined, “Ckpnetgroup”. After coaxing, and not cajoling the members to show up and participate in the activities, I have lost all hopes of resuscitating, the otherwise, “bunch of good for nothing loudmouths”. The main culprit, kunal, tried to pull me back, but I had no reason to go back. I have gone through a lot of tension for this group, and it all seemed like the group was my “unreciprocating” girlfriend. I am at peace now, I will never fall trap to these “caste-y” things now.
What the heck, my transfer is still so far away. The Baroda division has not yet finished the formalities, and it seems I will not be home before the “the great strike” on the 1st of March to further delay the processes.
My affinities for all things young is at a all time high these days post-RDB, just today I saw, A good video from, Rahul Sharma’s album, Amaan and Ayaan’s video, CNN-IBN(what does IBN stand for?), Times Now(there’s a gorgeous babe, giving away the news, she sounds so sweet!!!!) . Piggy chops and kareena endorsed cafechino is like a cough syrup, I have told my mom to get me new clothes etc etc. Here comes a special one, I admit that I have smoked at least 7 ciggies, before this revelation couple of days back. As usual I was down with loneliness, and I decided to have a puff, my able colleague gave me a tip for smoke. Earlier I would take a puff, and release the smoke from my nostrils. All these years! (Yes, those 7 ciggies have lasted for 6 years) I have been brand loyal with only “Gudang Garam” being my preference. He told me to swallow a little smoke inside the tummy, with a li’l “eeeessssssss” and then release the smoke. Being timid of experimenting in front of him (he is my father’s age!) I waited for him to go to sleep, and then ignited the stick of hidden pleasures. As I followed the ritual, first time round I almost choked myself with smoke, but “maine himmat nahi haari”, I tried, this time a little technically, like Rahul Dravid, and “ oh shit, …….what the fuck…..the world around me started playing ‘ringa ringa roses….’ And as I stood on the ground, I remembered the scene from “majboor”. My god, what a feeling! I tried it a couple of times again, and got high! But I will keep this for special occasions and there’s no point in getting addicted to it. As it is, “Aadato se mazaa nahi, ghulami hi milti hain” ….read a couple of days back that average age of kids who smoke while in school is 13 years……appalling!


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ohhh...welcome to the smokers' club...though u turned up a bit late, when I have quit...and take it from the horse's mouth, "it ain't worth it mate"...

and nice u quit that ckp group...it ain't worth it either...so here is to the good times...

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