Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The country of Intellectuals!

Pardon me if I am being sarcastic and may be while writing this piece, I may slip into modes which would sound like offensive but, the gist lies in the fact that, I tend to think for this country of mine. I have named this piece so, because everybody in this country, right from his royal highness, Lalu Prasad Yadav, to some layman called Amit Deshmukh, thinks that he is the brightest intellectual in this country of 100 crores civilians.

Beginning with an oft repeated statement, “ Rights come along with Duties”, I would say that each and every Indian claims his right, right to get proper service, a proper answer to his apathy, proper provisions, proper benefits oblivious of the fact that he is depriving himself from the benefit of the Right that he has got. Most of us Indians do not want, or even try to help themselves out of the situation. No doubt we are far too ignorant (ref: illiteracy as most of them point out, themselves) to know all this, but everything you require to know is to just a look around. We are just better off, cursing somebody else for our miseries, yes I mean it, till date, there are people who wear decent clothes, fake American accent and still curse the government for their problems.
I will surely come back to this point later, otherwise I would forget about what I actually had to write!

Last week was,kind of, say tumultuous for me personally( No, no heartaches nothing! I have switched on to ayurveda off late!) Disturbing it was to sense that, there is a tremendous amount of haplessness, and hopelessness in the air that surrounds this sub-continent. On one hand, we talk of being the most promising economic super power in the reckoning, and on the other, poor farmers are killing themselves for no reasons cited, leaving behind them, hordes of living dead! Last whole week was all about this country as such, controversies, controversies and more controversies, and god only knows how many conspiracies behind them all( here’s a juicy one, it is believed that, it was Dalmiya who urged the pitch curator to leave the Eden Gardens pitch unshaved, so that Rahul’s team loses that match and he did! Conspiracy of the millennium, Saurav Da behind the curtains!) I mean is it all that I want to read after waking to a smoggy morning, having gone through a nightmare in which I see myself as the only saviour of the Indian cricket team! God where are you? I want a decent slumber, man!
Khushboo controversy as Ullas rightly picked and understood, but the mighty media could not? For me it was really very simple, no hard talk, no hardcore issues! She was asked what about pre-marital sex, she just said its ok only if it is safe sex,(safe sex is still a buzz word), since AIDS has acquired such a monstrous proportion now, since a decade and a half ago! And see how media portrays her, as if she is some sleazy voracious sex brand endorser or what! It was good to see Sania jump on the bandwagon, provided that she has had her own share of controversies, mini skirts and all! I don’t know about Narayan and other celebrities, but I believe, it’s the biggest irony of this nation that nobody wants to really understand what one wants to say. And still if somebody speaks out clearly, rather blatantly, there are veils of morality, culture, tradition, decency and all that shit, thrown at the individual, to cover up the words.
Manjunath Shanmugam, I am sure this name won’t toll a bell, in any Indian’s head, but yes Mallika Sherawat’s will surely do! This IIM pass out could have easily crossed the seven seas and had a sophisticated life for himself and his next generations but, he was foolish enough to sneak into a governmental behemoth, called, Indian Oil Corporation. And what does he get to perform his duties? Death, the ultimate end, Mukti, Moksha, eternity, at the greased oily hands of the petroleum mafia, who he was trying to stop from offending. And now people want an answers from poor lad, Mani shankar Aiyar, who again has had his share of debates, in other words controversies, read the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline issue. Now,will anybody please tell me, what can Mani Shankar Aiyar can do in this matter? The benevolent soul has already departed and as for punishing the culprit, our efficient judiciary should already have done that before the now culprit’s grandchildren shoot down another Manjunathan.

Another story, which has been biting me, since long is the Tehri dam issue. I think, a separate article on this issue is justified because by now, this issue has got too close to my heart. And it will take some 4-5 days for me to prepare as couple of days back, I have got a book called “The Doomsday Book” by Gordon Rattray Taylor. There is enough fodder in it for my stupid brain to graze, I guess. Sometimes, I tend to think, whether ours is the only country that looks out and out scandalous throughout, or are there others also, where each and every sphere of life is so exploitative that one wishes, he could have better been some other specie!

Here I will refer to an article, about which I had written earlier, “ Do Indians really think?”. My answer is yes, but not beyond, his Nokia6600 and such other toys! Coming back to the title of this article and the immediate afterthought, here are few Indian thoughts.

1. All politicians are chor party!( you elected them to power!)
2. Sex is still a taboo.(Except for those late night viewings on your cable tv)
3. Sachin Tendulkar plays his cover drive best when he pulls it and every fielder who gets him out is at point!( land of cricketing geniuses, Mr. Geoffrey Boycott, you better park your ass,somewhere else!)
4. Mallika Sherawat is so h……! intelligent(she really is, I bet!)
5. We pay each and every Government employee!( Really, Go and advice that sweeper to clean well! All you’ll get is expletives! M@#$$%#@d)
6. This government will not last its whole term(I know, after all one’s wife and ruling government are very similar)
7. Whole world is my spittoon!( I am here to distribute Prasad, never say no to Prasad)

One thing I wonder about right now, is, why don’t initiatives last long enough to see the results for themselves! Even with me, initiatives I took died coming down the line, is this about the same killer instinct that Indian Cricket team lacks!
I am confused, let me restart my machine!


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