Wednesday, August 31, 2005

IQBAL,the believable hero next door?

“hello, ladies and gentlemen,its my pleasure to introduce you to the most happening player of the indian cricket team,within a matter of six months,he outplayed all ranji records to claim 123 wickets in 12 first class matches, at a staggering 10.2 wickets every match,and now having donned the indian blues he is the newest face ,having reached our hearts not with the “kookaburra” ball,but with his histrionics,on screen,with help of his evergreen mentor,nagesh kukunoor,I present , “ the kolipad express” to you, “iqbal khan”

Sounds something very normal, may be,but yes he is something special,that something special,which creates a rush of blood, in every “indian boy next door”’s heart. There are innumerous tiny tots in the “gullies and koochaas” of hardcore india and as a matter of fact even in Pakistan, who even in these days, want to become a Virender Sehwag or even, a Salman Butt. But, when I go back to those days, when cricket was everything to me, I tend to laugh back on my wild aspirations and so called “dreams” then,but I am happy for here is a great film maker,who feels,exactly like these innumerous, hardworking, Sehwags of tommorrow feel. There are very few film-makers in india who, have got there,hearts and brains in right places,(no offences intended Mr.bhatt,Mr.david dhavan!). for that sake,ashutosh gowariker, and nagesh kukunoor have got a lot that I should appreciate,not because,they both have made films on cricket,but for the fact that,they go ahead with their projects,irrespective of its “ HASHRA” on the box office.
If ashu, made ‘lagaan’,nagesh made ‘teen deewarien’, and if ashu,yet again comes out with a touching ‘swades’,nagesh,surprises us with ‘iqbal’’,I could sense this joy hidden in his heart,when he said that he is making a film on cricket,in an interview with a wry smile. Yes, ‘ iqbal’’ is a welcome sigh of relief when,mangal pandey, failed to arouse the masses, and cinematic experience for us indians is in a state of transition,with shoddy,sex potboilers,read,murder,zeher,fareb,kasak,bachke rehna re baba, and ……,,, I don’t care what, becoming coming attractions at a cinema theatre near you.
I don’t have anything against showing sex on the screen and cashing on the bikini clad (pathetic) out of shape babes, but when I see,moveis like swades,iqbal, not doing well,I feel the liking of the indian audience is apalling.forget this all, and lets come back to the point.
“Iqbal” is a story about a deaf and dumb,boy,in a fictional village called “kolipad”,in rural Andhra pradesh. A son, of a poor farmer,who is sensible enough of judging cricket as a foolish game,wants to donn the indian blues,some day. The story is all about the imminent challenges created by his handicap,and the high handedness of societal elites,when it comes down to selection in a cricket team. According to me,its rather “in your heart” saga,than being a “in your face” thingy. I appreciate the director’s detailing with the locales,cast,dialogues,story line and above all,the control of underplayed emotions,of its characters,especially,shreyas talpade,who plays,iqbal. The fictional village, is as endearing as Malgudi,or even, Adilabad for that sake. The research work is good ,and it shows the passion,the director himself holds for the game. Music is given by sukhvinder singh and somebody else,but its amazing. Kk is again on his way to become a motivational crooner,after “yaaron”, “tu hi dil hein…”,the songs are good and inspiring,here I am looking out for its cd at the nearest Crossword. As for its cast,shreyas,as I told is excellent,I knew he is good, as I am regular watcher of his marathi serials,he is quite a hit among pyts of mumbai and poona already,naseerji,hum kya kahein,ab to bas aap hi sunao,this man deserves more than what he has got,more on him later, Shweta prasad,as kid sis is very endearing,and, Pratiksha lonkar as iqbal’’s cricket crazy mother, is just perfect.Girish karnad,is as usual good,so is yatin karyekar. All in all, a great clean sweep,towards,the deep leg in my heart as well as other cricket loving folks. There’s just onething that I feel should have been different,instead of his induction,in our current team,nagesh could have taken the story a few years back,when we really had great “physically challenged” player like,Erapalli Prasanna! Mind well,he is till date one of the most successful indian spinners….and towards the end,a great cinematic experience,go watch it,friends, and ask Mr.Ganguly to accompany too. My rating-**** and half! ‘coz nobody is perfect not even Mr.S.R.Tendulkar?


Blogger blah_blah_blogger said...

bloody jerk...u r making my mouth water...i want to watch that film right now, this city sux

9:27 PM  
Blogger amit said...

go na then bhidu, whats stopping you, i want to see it once again, and yes, i saw it in baroda,luckily, its not being shown in navsari

9:41 PM  

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