Monday, May 30, 2005


around this time,every year,i start to play around with my thoughts, alot,more than in any ohter time of the year.monsoon will be here anytime,and rains,my god,even the thought excites me to an extent such that,i start behaving like a child,playful,naughty,unabashed.the thoughts with which i play around before the rains arrive are like,i metamorphose into a shepherd,and the skies are the meadows and those dark,brown,moisture laden clouds like the sheeps that i am heralding to some unknown destination,where there's just the lovely rains and me,nobody else.monsoon have always enticed me no end, and even today i can float around numerous paper boats,in a near by "nullah" if i find one.

there are vivid enthralling memories attached to the rain,the earliest one's while growing up,as a kid, my mom would push me out in the first rains, to get all drenched up,in order to get rid of the prickly heat pimples,"ghamori" i mean.and to tell you the truth,the prick that first rain drop induces is magical.the thrill of cold water hitting you on face is like no other bliss,in this living world,apart from the bliss i obtain,in my mothers embrace.

the whole feeling itself is like god is showering us,human beings,mean mongers,with his blessings in form of rains.i guess,in my last life, i should have been either a shepherd or a farmer,or a "chatak" bird,which keeps its mouth open for ages,looking towards the sky,in anticipation of the first rains.i would never know.another memory of rains,dates back to 1994,when my hometown was flooded, and we had no power,or food,anything for couple of days.i remember we would walk for a few kilometres to get "paani zyada" milk for exhorbitant prices,still i thought we were in a better condition because in those floods,lot of my classmates in school,had lost their notes and books,as they stayed near a canal,which flooded so much that it destroyed all their labour for study.nevertheless,this not supposed to be poignant account about the rains.

last year,me and my buddy set out for an excursion in torrnetial rains,on malshej ghat,on the western ghats.innumerous waterfalls,all further stunning than the earlier.carpet like pieces of farming land made the experience more scenic,and at last the matheran visit,and the thunder lightning and heavy rains that ensued.
all these memories will remain well etched out in my memory, and keep me yearning for more rains throughout my life.

i wish it rains well this year.


Blogger blah_blah_blogger said...

screw u...gave us the lurch again...not that i had expected anything different

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