Wednesday, August 31, 2005

there's something about leather and willow!

Cricket,………………………….how does it feel? For me these days, this passion of mine is taking its last breaths,had I been an Angrez, I would have been proud of my national cricket team,but for me,cricket,sounds like a foolish word now. There are a few reasons, for me having chosen,this out of the “BLUE”, issue today. First of all, few questions,regarding Indian cricket, was Ganguly’s reign the best streak of Indian cricket?,why is Sachin’s career coming to an end so evidently, and so fast?,will it(Indian team) be a one off memorable performance in years,for the team? When will media stop playing with emotions of this cricket crazy nation? When will we have sachin, again dancing down the wicket, and hitting the red cherry,(as a matter of fact, I prefer test cricket, above one dayers) out of the stands? Will India ever win a world cup again? And, ……..? it seems there’s no end to my questions,’coz I was a person,who used to eat,drink and sleep cricket,but today is a different story altogether, I am not surprised whenever India loses,or even,wins,as a matter of fact.

I was always waiting to ask these questions to a faceless person,who perhaps knows everything about cricket,but as pundits say,you can never predict a game of cricket,the current Ashes, is testimony to this cliché.
Last proud moment,I guess, was when kaif snatched a victory from the angrez in the natwest trophy. I just got to hear commentary of the last few balls on the radio, and I could not resist pumping my fists in the air. Was the 1983 world cup win a fluke,or the teams performance in 2003 world cup? One of my close friends always reiterates a statement,when we sit down, chatting over this national hysteria, “it pinches my heart,when I realise the fact that sachin tendulkar would never win india, a world cup”,he is right. With,the much talked about “tennis elbow”, sachin is the not the best batsman in the world now. I relish watching, kevin pietersen, or even flintoff rather. Papers are gung-ho about indo-pakistan clashes not holding that thrill now, after so many regular ties, every thing appears so predictable. I blame the effervescent politicians of the indian sub-continent for this,in a bid to improve the bi-lateral ties between, two wary neighbours, they have killed the mother of all sporting extravaganzas.i will rue this fact for whole my life?
Friends, aren’t you astonished over my pondering thoughts,but I can’t help it. You may say, a passion of old is ignited again, no,baba,I am not taking to the field again,but yes,somebody has triggered my thoughts,like an old cannonball is reignited after a long time,though this blast is a lot subdued,you will keep hearing it over and over again,as of now,in my nex blog,I will introduce you, to my latest,cricket hero, “IQBAL KHAN”!


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yaar tere har post par iqbal khan ka naam q hai? i want to watch it...

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