Sunday, October 02, 2005

a little bit of thought!

Growing up, I missed out on few precious things of life. Reading is one of those habit. I always enjoyed reading being a child, but distance from my home, almost deprived me of this extra indulgence, till date I regret it. But, its never too late, when one knows what he likes. My experience with, “THE INDIAN EXPRESS” is one such thing, I think if we both were friends, I would call this “ an on and off relationship”. When I was a school going kid we used to get these weekly free copy of this newspaper, with WEE WONDER, quite obviously a kiddy supplement. Wee wonder was reason enough for me to read,or rather see this paper. I remember few of my childish verses, were published then in this, now defunct, supplement. I have got those cuttings still,in my collections, time speaks out of it, with its mildewed texture, now. Forget it,few months back, I was recommended by a total stranger to read this,newspaper. But, I thought I had some inapparent reservations with it.

It always fell on my ears that, this particular paper is anti-government in its stance, and therefore I dettered from reading it. But, this stranger’s words reintroduced me to an excellent reading experience. I hardly remember those, but I have come across, some amazing stories, through it. Currently, eminent, people write on empowering India, with people’s participation. Its Sunday copy is the best pick, reason, it has got book reviews,film review, a section on art and culture,food,fitness, it sounds pretty much like, any other newspaper,but, still it clicks with you as it seems, very real, and though its not very hip, like The Times of India, but it’s a pleasant read. It is particularly low on the sex and sleaze material. And its really some journalism with courage.

Mumbai recently experienced the worst ever deluge in a single day and they covered it very well,so much so that you can feel the dampness, of people’s experiences. Last week, was quite dull, as far as the articles were concerned but, two of them, brought week to a fine close. The first one from a young writer,was how we Indians particularly, the current crop, don’t think. Think in the sense, that this India lacks the stock of great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindra nath Tagore, JP Narayan, and so many of them. She argued the current crop of Indians don’t like thinkers, because in first place they themselves don’t think, they don’t read, they don’t talk out enough, and they ignore the issues. Lackadaisical attitude of our premier politicians is also a detrimental factor, with the education policy being the biggest culprit. It says we don’t have good writers, and even those who write,who call themselves Indians don’t stay in India. Those my description, may appear vague, but I think, there’s some “Tathya” in this entire discussion.
I think I should email the copy of that article, to whosoever, wants to think a little bit! How come I got so serious, about this issue?


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Blogger blah_blah_blogger said...

I strongly differ on that "Journalism of courage" part...Indian Express is a typical neither has the sheen and gloss of TOI nor does it speak the intelligent reader's language as "The Hindu" does...what journalism of courage? They are as sensational as any other newspaper in town...The only difference is that they don't have deep pockets like the TOI... and I can see it coming, their doom...a lack of clear positioning is killing the else do you explain the sudden need for them to advertise? They are already dead in the west and the north...dunno about the east but I guess it's the south where they have stuck around...but even there, The Hindu is giving them a run for their money...I am sorry mate, but I am neither very impressed by their journalism nor by their strategy (or the lack of it)...

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