Saturday, December 03, 2005

A day in the life of India………
Amit gets out of his bed and finishes off the ablutions in a hurry and starts walking towards his drippy-cracky office of the Raj times. While he is walking, finds this nip in the air(had Irfan been playing at the lords, he would have done well!) which was hostile(Glenn Mcrath????). And he was actually cursing this bad weather for having almost pulled down curtains on the Chepauk test(time for trivia-chepauk has been the only place where a test was tied), even before it has kicked off( I wonder, when it again rains at chepauk, cricketers should resort to, ….soccer?).
Being on an idyllic counter no. 4, he had all the time to see the busy world, pass by. People rushing in and out of the dilapidated station building, a long queue on the neighboring counter no.3,a couple cozying up in a filthy corner(thanks to the proliferating guthka business), and few charming faces just vanishing into the sea of stressed out strangers, some thoughts still hung up over his mind, may be it was the “Shanmugham” episode? Then suddenly his reverie was shaken by………?

Amit : Oyyy! Idhar aa?! ( Hey! come here )
Mr.X : He, he, kya he, he(what ehh?)
Amit : Kya kiya tune abhi( what did you just do?)
Mr.x : kya kiya, ek rupyaa dena, re!
Amit : vohi pooch raha hu, kya kiya tune abhi, paise kyu
Maangta he logo se?
Mr.x : Bhook lagti he isliye, maai bheji naa paisa lane ko!
Amit : kidhar he mai,kon mai?
Mr.x : mai matlab mai, tereko mai nahi he kya? (A V Deshmukh st.Mr.x b. Mr.x)
Amit : Kidhar he mai?
Mr.X : Ghar me, Sachin me ghar he, mai udharich he.
Amit : Tune voh vada paav feka kyu?
Mr x : aise hi
Amit : fekne ka he to paise kyu leta he? Ghar pe jake khaa na
Mr x : abhi nai raat ko janekaa, nahi to mai maregi
Amit : kitna paisa jamaa karta he tu dine me? Naam to bata tera
Amit : pappa kidhar he tera
Kishan: Vo to bhaag gaya, kidhar to bhi!
Amit : Bhaag gaya, aur ghar me kon he?
Kishan: ek behan thi, par vo mar gai
Amit : kaise,?
Kishan : arey vo mai ne Sachin station pe pani bharne ko bheja usko, aur aate time hawa lagke vo mar gai!
Amit : Hawa lagke mar gai?
Kishan : Vo gaadi aati he Rajdhani, uski hawa ne fek diya usko, udhari mar gayi vo
Amit : Din me kitna kamaata he tu? 20-30 rupya hota hoga na
Kishan: (laughs and runs in the empty space as if he is announcing that amit is the biggest dumb ass in the whole world) 100-150 ho jaata he
Amit: (shocked)to ye paise ka kya karta he tu
Kishan : maa ko deta hu ghar jaake
Amit : Mai kya karti he ghar pe
Kishan : kuch nai khaana banati he,vo mereko machchi, murgi ka mutton, baida sab khilati he, mast theekhaa banake
Amit : tu padhta kab he?
Kishan : kab, ye kounsi gaadi aai( obviously ignoring the question)
Amit : Gujarat express?
Kishan : fir konsi?
Amit : pata nahi
Amit : padhna nahi he kya tereko?
Kishan : mai bhejti nai na!
Amit : par tu mangta he ki nai? Tujhe padhna he kya?
Kishan : nai re baba, kon re vo sab saman uthake leke jaaega roj roj

Meanwhile, a decent amount of time has passed by and suddenly one of Amit’s dignified customer’s shove poor Kishan away, Amit cannot scold this man for he was neglecting his duties while talking to this urchin, so called “ Bhikaari”. Amit just carries on with his work and by that time, kishan disappears to leave him back with his dust covered stack of tickets and papers and files, and fortunately, Gujarat express has brought in a fresh copy of Indian Express to him. Again the same roller coaster ride, shanmugham, natwar singh, madhumita, abu salem, saurav ganguly, sania mirza, che Guevara, amitabh bachchan ……………the names say it all, but switched on his daydreaming machine again, yes, but the protagonist changed, this time it is KISHAN DATTARAM CHAVHAN! Fighting against all odds and shaping up into what??? An illegitimate kerosene peddler! See how real dreams can get! Its high time I concentrate on my alienating work now!


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