Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Not that because he loves cricket, not because he is a pass out from “IIM-A”, not because he is a Maharashtrian, not because he is rich, and not because he is famous, err……is he really, famous????????

God knows why but I always had high regard for this man, may be because his English was impeccable, may be because he appeared so, close, I mean so approachable and so friendly. I tried not to miss his articles, in newspapers and never came across his interviews, may be he was never interested in publicizing his humble self. But as it is, that I have a strange relationship with coincidences, this Sunday, had something unexpected coming my way. Channel surfing, just to catch up some news tid bits of news or some flick, I was overjoyed, when suddenly my mother’s pet channel had an announcement. Beautiful doc, Gautami Gadgil(who is dumb as an actress) announced that this Sunday’s guest of honor was none other than, ……Harsha Bhogle. I just jumped out of my seat, at the prospect of watching my favourite commentator in an interview. The programme was called “Maanachaa Mujraa” which in marathi means “salute of honor”.

As he descended down the spiraling staircase in the studio, he looked as familiar as ever. He humbly took his seat and began the Tête-à-tête. One after the other, he started giving out surprises. He was himself a cricketer when in college and would carry a tape recorder to tape the commentary of his ongoing match. He was doing commentary since 1980, and it was his father, who told him to try commentary, and he duly obliged and how? He and Azharuddin( till date I am his fan, strictly for his cricketing skills) played for the same team while in college. He started commentary on radio first, and still believes radio is the best medium of communicating with the masses, and he enjoys it a lot. On being asked who his hero was, he said that his hero is his elder brother,Shrinivas. Now that is where, I got the real punch, I mean we idolize actors,actresses, cricketers, and anybody who is rich and famous, but here was a man who thought his own brother was his hero. I was flat! On being asked, what if he fumbles on TV, and does a mistake, he simply said, I apologize. Then came in some, Mr. milind who also was a commentator, but he was strictly not needed, he spoiled the show. Then came his good looking wife, who was as spontaneous as Harsha was, but she left in no time, after talking on their executive motivation lectures and their company. In the end, Gautami, the hostess, took him through a rapid fire round of questions, his fav sports person,Anil kumble, I was stumped! Some of us believe, that Anil Kumble is a good for nothing guy, but mind well, he has won us quite a few matches, and he is the highest wicket taker in India in Tests. On being asked what he would have been, if not a commentator, he told in a child like innocence, I would have wandered here and there and might have written a lot of poems and songs. Now, this sounds very clichéd but, hey he is allowed to speak what he feels like.

I am clean bowled by this man’s simplicity, honesty, and spontaneity, as he says should be forte, of everyone who wants to be a commentator. A lucrative career on one hand and a silly game like cricket on the other,... and still he is doing so well. I wish, I could watch this broadcast again, or at least a test match soon,where he is commenting.

Glad to meet you, Mr. Harsha Bhogle. Hope to see you soon, again! Have a great life ahead.


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You are right...he is a very affable man, someone who does speak his mind without being overtly pretentious...

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