Friday, December 16, 2005

Move out of a throbbing metropolis and you’ll find your ears numb with the silence that is around. I prefer to call this “music of silence”, try to immerse yourself completely in that silence and you will yearn to get back to your noisy pandemonium, why? What lies there? Which strings pull you back to the place, which otherwise you strive to get away from, when you feel you should take a break from? Last night, I chatted with this “music of silence”!
Money is what drives this world now. We now kind of organize our lives around this precious metal. But may be this is the way it was fashioned to behave. There are fights, “mohalla” level or on international stages, thanks to this “ Hari Patti” syndrome. But just for a moment, change gear and bring yourself to gear “one” where you have got time to negotiate your craziest of thoughts, and also you don’t lose large ground. Then think, what will you get on lowering your naked limbs in a gurgling brook; or rather stare at the rising sun, from an edge of a cliff which faces it every new morning and not you. Life in the fast lane also has got its own thrill, but I feel it takes us all far from the reality, our mere human existence. This evening I saw a shooting star, I thought it is very girlish and simultaneously stupid act, to follow up a shooting star with a wish, but still, I allowed stupidity to take over my mind and wished “let good happen to everybody of us”.
This world is being dug deep and a dump yard is being made out of this mother earth’s womb! Strange, but truth! Man wants to get faster, faster and fastest, and after leaving behind the relics(read, shit) of his progression, he ponders over the cost of his achievements. This doesn’t mean I am against the development, but I have just got different set of ideas, altogether. Within a couple of months, a deadly quake rocks, PoK again. Cyclone “fanuus” follows up “baaz” which poured cold soup over Chennai. May be I will end this somewhere abruptly, but this will be only because I keep thinking about this every now and then, the way we are rushing towards our fate. Pardon me, for disturbing the order!


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