Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Death at my doorstep. Part-2.(Obituary of Kuljeet Randhawa)
Model cum actress, Kuljeet Randhawa, killed herself a fortnight back inside her flat in Mumbai. Her suicide comes within a year of former Miss India Nafisa Joseph, a close friend, killing herself in a similar fashion, by hanging from the ceiling fan, with a duppatta.

Nafisa’s death was a shocker, she was very good looking, and in every way a great ambassador, for youth and fashion. I was in college then, and the morning we heard this news we discussed it in the class then. Coincidentally, we were having lectures on types of suicides, around that time only. Nafisa killed herself because of excessive integration with her own self. Though on screen, she was this bubbly, bundle of energy, kind of a girl, in the real sense she was immensely private, introvert, and a possessive person. She had everything that a young lady could have, still she took the step, and nobody thought she ever would. Similarly, kuljeet was good looking, confident and apparently and intelligent individual. She was doing well, with “CID”, “Special Squad”, “Kohinoor”, and innumerous, literally countless, advertisements. Then what is it that made these young beautiful people make this effort, to end this beautiful journey, so abruptly. Money, Fame, Assets, Fans…..everything they had, then where does suicide have a place. Or is it love that is taking its toll?
Modelling is a murky world of struggle and competition, these young ladies, had got, what some Rashmi Sehgal from Rai Bareilli, would just dream off! One a former Miss India, the other a Gladrags Super model? So strange and disturbing! I liked Kuljeet since her CATS days, she truly portrayed her role on the lines of charlie’s angels very well, even Nafisa was in it! I never miss this show, may be for the sheer vivacious presence these both had. But now, that both, have gone away forever, we can just remember their beautiful, radiant, smiling faces! May both these beautiful souls, rest in peace, forever. To catch up on latest of kuljeet, she is in the lated Maggie ad. But be sure, or blink and you will miss her!


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these people lead such stressful lives that an emotional crisis is the last thing they can really handle...add to it stupid families which prefer to bask in their limelight instead of slowing them down

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