Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A perfect meal for me!
All these years, one preparation from my mummy’s kitty has been a hit, always. Here’s the recipe!

While you make the necessary preparations, wash adequate rice, and put it in the pressure cooker, to cook.


Milk of 2 coconuts, freshly grated.
Curry patta, 6-7 leaves.
A bowl of kokum (juice required).
Jeera, rai.
Oil for tadka.
Salt to taste
Sugar, half a spoon.

Heat a spoonful of oil necessary for tadka in a boiling or frying pan on a mild flame. Meanwhile, make the juice of soaked kokums. As the oil heats up, put jeera and rai in it along with the curry leaves(washed). Mix juice of kokum and coconut and mix it well. Taste the blend, it shouldn’t be too sour. As the tadka hots up, put the blended juice in it and immediately cover the vessel. Add salt and sugar to taste and boil the mix for 5-8 minutes.
By this time, rice should have been cooked.

Serve sol kadhi on rice, and in a separate bowl, when steaming hot. An extra helping of fried fish, pomfrets, surmai etc, will make the roads to heaven easy for you.

* copyright- Mrs Anjali Deshmukh.


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